MDFramework is a set of frameworks extending EOF and AppKit.

Some of theirs classes:

MDBoolColumnAssociationAssociates a NSTableColumn with a boolean value.
MDChooseButtonAssociation, MDChooseObjectPanel, MDModalPanelAllows to select the target of a relation in a separate window.
MDColumnAdderAdds and removes NSTableColumns (like EOColumnAdder)
MDComponent, MDComponentAssociation, MDComponentCtrl, MDComponentsView, MDSplitViewDelegate, MDSuperviewResizingAllows to build GUIs of components.
MDCountColumnAssociationDisplays the number of objects in a related array in a NSTableColumn.
MDDraggingCell, MDDraggingColumnAssociation, MDEODragging, MDPasteboardExtensions, MDObjectIconExtensions, MDObjectIconView, MDObjectIconViewAssociationImplements drag'n'drop for EOF.
MDEditingContextActionButtonAutoenabling save and revert/refetch buttons.
MDEntityExtensions, MDEntityKeyPathCtrl, MDEntityKeyPathPanel, MDFetchSpecBuilder, MDFetchSpecView, MDFindButton, MDFindPanelUniversal find panel.
MDLoginPanelUniversal login panel.
MDOutlineViewAssociationAssociates a recursive EO structure with an NSOutlineView
MDProgressPanelA simple progress panel.
MDTitleAssociationAssociates the value of an EO with the title of an NSWindow or NSBox
MDUserDefaultsAllows to store NSUserDefaults in EO objects.

Of course there is a palette which makes MDFrameworks's objects available in interface builder. It contains a palette panel, several inspectors and all associations provided by MDFramework.

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