CDDesigner has problems with writing TAO on a Yamaha CDW6416, use DAO instead.

Plextor 12/20 (and maybe other newer Plextor drives) are reading Audio CDs with the Toshiba driver; Plextor (and Toshiba) seem to have the best audio error corrections.


CDDesigner does (seem to) work with all actual SCSI-devices of Phillips and Yamaha. With Phillips devices you should use the SCSICDWriterHP60xx, with Yamaha devices you need to select SCSICDWriterYamaha200_400 as type. In the latter case you may also need to add an entry to your NetInfo database to make the 4- and 6-speed writing modes available to CDDesigner:

  • Start NetInfoManager.app (located in /NextAdmin)
  • Double click on /cdwriters/<Name of your recorder>
  • Choose writing_speeds
  • Select "New Value" from the "Folder" menu
  • Enter 4 (resp. 6)
  • Save the configuration.

I do not recommend to use NetInfoManager if you are not familiar with NetInfo. If something went wrong, your machine may stop booting. Changes in NetInfo are on your own risk.

8/1/1999 :

CDDesigner V1.4.2 is available for free. As there exist many nice and cheap recording applications for Mac OS, we won't complete or release the port to Mac OS X Server, but we are thinking of releasing CDDesigner under GPL.


Openstep and Rockridge conform CDs may cause Mac OS X Server to extend the filenames by 2 characters. You can still copy the files to your harddisk, but double-clicking a file won't start it until it is renamed.