CDDesigner is a pre- and mastering software for CD-Rs developed by Carsten Ziegeler and Carsten Gehle. It is available for NEXTSTEP 3.3 and OPENSTEP for Mach and running either on NeXT and Intel machines.

∙ Easy and intuitive usage
∙ Network-Wide Access to CDRoms and CDWriters
∙ Multiple CD Writers, Host Adapters & Users
∙ ISO 9660 Level 1, Level 2 & Rockridge Formats
∙ Reading and Writing of Multisession-CDs
∙ Filenames up to 100 characters long
∙ Permission Handling for each File and Folder
∙ Optional Image Cache
∙ Virtual Filesystems
∙ Various Sound Formats
∙ Reading and Writing of CD-ROM, CD-DA & Mixed Mode
∙ Direct copying of CDs
∙ Object-Oriented API
∙ Dynamically Loadable Drivers and Formats
∙ Support for Next-specific file names (like Test.nib~ or .dir.gif)